Milestone here: https://gitea.your-land.de/your-land/bugtracker/milestones/48

Discussion there: #5693

  • Fixes 14 critical issues
  • Replaces bows and arrows (thankyou flux)
  • Adds a dice block (thankyou whosit)
  • Add confetti (thankyou AspireMint and whosit)
  • spawn mechanics finetuning
  • Nerf ghosts
  • Disable bamboo and papyrus xp farms
  • /me command is now transmitted to the chat bridge
  • Adds personal skins, city shields and maps
  • /area_open and similar commands tied to master area ownership
  • Fishing major rework
  • Replaces or prepares to replace textures with licensing issues
  • Pulls in latest upstream mods
100% Completed