• Next update
    2 Open 8 Closed

    Issues yourland wants to solve for the next bugfix release

  • Player model integration
    3 Open 0 Closed

    Bugs/requests that are related to the player model

  • Mob Overhaul (formerly Petz)
    54 Open 16 Closed

    mobs in minetest are in a very sorry state, and it'd be nice to "port" them to a cleaner, less laggy, unified API.

  • Unified Inventory Gripes
    4 Open 6 Closed

    I'm not sure what the scope of this project is going to be exactly, but at a bare minimum, it's to fix the issues with unified inventory plus w.r.t. replacements and item metadata.

    I might also throw in other issues pertaining to unified inventory more general.

  • Armor overhaul
    10 Open 2 Closed

    I've started work on an overhaul of the 3d_armor mod, but that work has been preempted by other projects. The goal is to make it more natural to specify multiple kinds of damage negation, as well as to add callbacks to support things like set bonuses or special armor behavior.

    Creating a "project" to track various requests on the server.