47 labels

  • 1. kind/balancing
    Depends on balancing
  • 1. kind/breaking
    something that alters or disables an existing game mechanic
  • 1. kind/bug
    Something is not working
  • 1. kind/construction
    A build needs fixing
  • 1. kind/documentation
    Needs proper documentation
  • 1. kind/enhancement
    New feature
  • 1. kind/griefing
    players despoiling builds or nature
  • 1. kind/invalid
    Not a valid report, e.g. created by mistake with no content.
  • 1. kind/meme
    issue is mostly a joke
  • 1. kind/node limit
    something which works for or against the node limit
  • 1. kind/other
    Something not within the other kinds
  • 1. kind/protocol
    something concerning how staff should react to player requests, or how players should treat each other
  • 2. prio/controversial
    not likely to happen w/out a lot of discussion
  • 2. prio/critical
    Very important
  • 2. prio/elevated
    something players are eager to have fixed
  • 2. prio/good first issue
    the resolution to this is could be done by a new minetest contributor, who doesn't yet understand the mod ecosystem
  • 2. prio/interesting
    one of us has real interest in getting this implemented or fixed. however, more research might be needed.
  • 2. prio/low
    Not so important
  • 3. source/art
    art needs to be created or found for this to exist. includes sound and 3d modelling.
  • 3. source/client
    Issue is with the minetest client, or with player client configuration or the technical details of their setup
  • 3. source/engine
    Issue is due to a bug or feature of the minetest engine
  • 3. source/ingame
    Problem and solution exist in-game, e.g. builds or player moderation
  • 3. source/integration
    Two or more nonbuggy mechanics conflict
  • 3. source/lag
    A problem which is caused or made worse by lag, due to server processing issues, client processing issues, or network issues
  • 3. source/mod upstream
    Problem is upstream (not engine/client)
  • 3. source/unknown
  • 3. source/website
    Affects the website
  • 4. step/approved
    Alias has approved this feature, someone should implement it
  • 4. step/at work
    Being worked on
  • 4. step/blocked
    we plan to do this, but other work has to be finished first
  • 4. step/discussion
    issue is under discussion, a solution has not been dictated or agreed upon
  • 4. step/help wanted
    Need some help
  • 4. step/needs confirmation
  • 4. step/partially fixed
    this is mitigated or partially solved, but more work needs to be done
  • 4. step/question
    More information is needed
  • 4. step/ready to deploy
    has been QA tested by another person. has no outstanding issues. may be installed but unverified on prod
  • 4. step/ready to QA test
    the code is fixed, but needs to be tested.
  • 4. step/want approval
    Someone can quickly implement this if Alias approves the change/feature
  • 5. result/cannot reproduce
  • 5. result/duplicate
    This issue or pull request already exists
  • 5. result/fixed
    problem is fixed
  • 5. result/maybe
    Needs more research
  • 5. result/wontfix
    This won't be fixed
  • ugh/petz
  • ugh/QA main
    That's something we can only wait and see whether it hapens again: On the main server
  • ugh/QA NOK
    Fix didn't yield the expected results
  • ugh/QA OK