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Created by: Bla

Short tutorial on where to change settings for the mod petz.

All settings for petz are in the file "petz.conf" in "mods/petz/petz". Don´t edit "petz.conf" directly or your changes get deleted with the next update of petz. Instead create/edit a file named "user.conf" in the same folder as "petz.conf"

Search in "petz.conf" for the setting you want to change, copy the whole line and paste it into "user.conf".

(I´m going through all petz settings issues and comment here to generate some examples on how to change specific settings)

How to change the food that is needed for follow/tame/feed/heal

Every petz animal has a food it follows that is also is used to tame(if tameable) and feed/heal an animal. The setting is always named animaltype_follow, for example grizzly_follow/frog_follow.

In the default setting the grizzly follows default:blueberries with the setting

grizzlyfollow = default:blueberries

To change that we copy that line into "user.conf" and add for example lamb chops from his favourite prey.

grizzlyfollow = default:blueberries,petz:minilambchop

But instead of adding just lamb chops we can also add a whole group like all raw meat

grizzlyfollow = default:blueberries,group:foodmeatraw

How to change where an animal spawns

The settings are always named animaltypespawn_nodes and animaltypespawn_biome, for example tarantulaspawnnodes/tarantulaspawnbiome butterflyspawnnodes/butterflyspawnbiome

For example in the default settings tarantula and butterfly spawn on different nodes

*tarantulaspawnnodes = default:dirtwithrainforestlitter

butterflyspawnnodes = default:dirtwithconiferouslitter,default:dirtwithgrass,default:dirtwithrainforestlitter,default:dirtwithdrygrass,default:drydirt,default:drydirtwithdrygrass

but both in the same biome. I´m unsure which effect spawnbiome has becaus all(except santa) petz use default.

tarantulaspawnbiome = default

butterflyspawnbiome = default*

Currently I would just add/remove spawn_nodes to change where it spawns.