simple item that shows you a hud waypoint
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2023-07-27 07:13:22 +03:00
textures add arrows and shadows back to inv image to properly draw wielded 2021-06-07 03:51:14 +03:00
compass_arrow.svg make textures nicer 2021-05-28 15:57:09 +03:00
init.lua check if position is not nil when teleporting 2023-07-27 07:13:22 +03:00
LICENSE add MIT license 2023-05-05 20:06:33 +03:00 add compass background 2021-05-28 14:13:03 +03:00
mod.conf fixes to copying coordinates from chat 2023-05-14 11:35:03 -07:00 add readme 2023-05-12 22:21:01 +03:00
waypoint_lib.lua hack to fix overlapping label/distance of waypoint display 2023-05-08 00:47:10 +03:00
waypoint.svg use waypoint_lib 2021-05-27 09:15:35 +03:00

An item that shows you where is the specific point on a map. You can set the target point by typing in coordinates, or pointing at place with your crosshair and pressing place button while sneaking. Once point is set, you "own" the compass. You can give it to other people, but only you will be able to change the settings.

To unset the compass (or un-own it), open the settings and remove the coordinates (leaving an empty field for "position"), save it, and now compass is (almost) like new.