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X-Decor-libre [xdecor]


X-Decor-libre is a libre Minetest mod which adds various decorative blocks as well as simple gimmicks.

This is a libre version (free software, free media) of the X-Decor mod for Minetest. It is the same as X-Decor, except with all the non-free files replaced and with bugfixes. There are no new features.

Special nodes

Most blocks in this mod are purely decorative, but there are also many special blocks with special features:

  • Workbench: Storage, crafting, cutting and repairing
    • Storage: 16 item slots for item storage
    • Craft: 3×3 crafting grid
    • Cut: Put a full cube-shaped block to create new shapes
    • Repair: Put a damaged tool and a hammer and wait for it to be repaired
  • Enchanting table: Upgrade your tools with mese crystals
  • Ender Chest: Interdimensional inventory that is the same no matter where you put the ender chest
  • Mailbox: Lets you receive items from other players
  • Item Frame: You can place an item into it to show it off
  • Cushion: Reduces fall damage
  • Cushion Block: Reduces fall damage even more
  • Trampoline: Jump on it to bounce off. Very low fall damage
  • Cauldron: For storing water and cooking soups
    • Recipe: Pour water in, light a fire below it and throw in some food items. Collect the soup with a bowl
  • Lever: Pull the lever to activate doors next to it
  • Pressure Plate: Step on it to activate doors next to it
  • Chessboard: Play Chess against a player or the computer (see CHESS_README.md)

The radio and speaker are purely decorative and have no special functionality.

X-Decor-libre vs X-Decor

X-Decor is a popular mod in Minetest but it is (as the time of writing this text) non-free software, there are various files under proprietary licenses.

The purpose of this repository is to provide the community a fully-free fork of X-Decor with clearly documented licenses and to fix bugs. No new features are planned.

List of changes

The following bugs of X-Decor (as of 01/07/2023) are fixed:

  • Changed packed ice recipe to avoid recipe collision with Ethereal
  • Changed prison door recipe colliding with Minetest Game's Iron Bar Door
  • Beehives no longer show that the bees are busy when they're not
  • Fixed incorrect/incomplete node sounds
  • Fix poorly placed buttons in enchantment screen
  • Fix broken texture of cut Permafrost with Moss nodes
  • Fix awkward lantern rotation
  • Lanterns can no longer attach to sides
  • Fix item stacking issues of curtains
  • Cauldrons no longer turn river water to normal water
  • Fix boiling water in cauldrons not reliably cooling down
  • Fix boiling water sound not playing when rejoining
  • Fix cauldron with soup boiling forever
  • Fix cauldrons being heated up by fireflies
  • Fix rope and painting not compatible with itemframe
  • Fix itemframe, lever being offset when put into itemframe
  • Fix storage formspecs not closing if exploded
  • Show short item description in itemframe instead of itemstring
  • Minor typo fixes
  • Fix bad rope placement prediction
  • Fixed the broken Chess game

Maintenance updates:

  • HUGE rework of Chess to make it actually be like real Chess (more or less)
  • New supported Chess rules (based on the FIDE Laws of Chess)
    • En passant
    • Choose your pawn promotion
    • Fixed incomplete enforcement of castling rule
    • 50-turn rule and 75-turn rule
    • Threefold repetition rule and fivefold repetition rule
    • Announce the winner or loser, or a drawn game
  • Many technical improvements for Chess
  • Renamed blocks:
    • "Empty Shelf" to "Plain Shelf"
    • "Slide Door" to "Paper Door"
    • "Rooster" to "Weathercock"
    • "Stone Tile" to "Polished Stone Block"
    • "Desert Stone Tile" to "Polished Desert Stone Block"
    • "Iron Light Box" to "Steel Lattice Light Box"
    • "Wooden Light Box" to "Wooden Cross Light Box"
    • "Wooden Light Box 2" to "Wooden Rhombus Light Box"
  • Added fuel recipes for wooden-based things
  • Changed a few confusing recipes to make more sense
  • Improved textures for cut glass, obsidian glass, woodframed glass, permafrost with moss and permafrost with stones
  • Improved side texture of wood frame and rusty bar
  • Add honey and cushion block to creative inventory
  • Doors now count as nodes in creative inventory
  • Cobwebs are no longer considered (fake) liquids
  • Storage blocks now drop their inventory when exploded
  • Made several strings translatable
  • Translation updates
  • Add support for playerphysics mod
  • Add description to every setting
  • Add tooltip extensions for some interactive items (uses tt mod)
  • Add crafting guide support for unified_inventory mod (honey)
  • Rope no longer extends infinitely in Creative Mode
  • Added manual for Chess in CHESS_README.md

List of replaced files

This is the list of non-free files in the original X-Decor mod (as of commit 8b614b3513) that X-Decor-libre replaces:

  • textures/xdecor_candle_hanging.png
  • textures/xdecor_radio_back.png
  • textures/xdecor_radio_front.png
  • textures/xdecor_radio_side.png
  • textures/xdecor_radio_top.png
  • textures/xdecor_rooster.png
  • textures/xdecor_speaker_back.png
  • textures/xdecor_speaker_front.png
  • textures/xdecor_speaker_side.png
  • textures/xdecor_speaker_top.png
  • sounds/xdecor_enchanting.ogg

(see LICENSE file for licensing).

Technical information

X-Decor-libre is a fork of X-Decor, from https://github.com/minetest-mods/xdecor, forked at Git commit ID 8b614b3513.

Note the technical mod name of X-Decor-libre is the same as for X-Decor: xdecor. This is because this mod is meant to be a drop-in-replacement.

The original readme of X-Decor can be found at OLD_README.md.