Place xpanes into other blocks like arcs.
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Mod for MineTest. Want to place xpanes, but there's already an arc? Now you can.

No textures included!

xpanes as such are nice and can be used for many purposes.

But have you ever used arcs, stairs, slabs or similar things and wondered how to get your glass pane into the place under the arc? You usually can't. With this mod you can. Its embedded glass pane sits visually inside another block (i.e. your arc), even physically seems to be at that place (you can run against it) - but is stored in the node in front of the glass pane (where you can't place anything else now - but what would you want to place in front of the window anyway?)

There are some situations where xpanes may have the right texture for your purpose - but you don't want the glass pane to sit in the center of the block, but rather at its front/back - like a thin glass slab from the circular saw in moreblocks. For that purpose, the unconnected panes have been added. They behave just like thin glass slabs from the saw.

Crafting: xpanes glass pane -> unconnected pane -> embedded pane -> xpanes glass pane

The two new pane types (embedded and unconnected) are added for each pane that has been added by/through xpanes (more precisely: for each node with the group "pane").

If some xpanes panes don't show up, make sure that this mod here optionally depends on the mod that defines the desired panes.

Note: The panes defined here do not automaticly connect to other blocks. They're just normal blocks in that regard.