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This repo is meant to hold all the mods that are in your land

On Type 2 to 4 mods the "yourland" branch is the stable one. There may be featurebranches, there may be bugfix branches, but only the stable "yourland" branch goes to the liveserver.

  1. Vanilla mods can be submoduled from their original repos
  2. Abandoned mods need to be fully adopted to mt-mirror, migrated without mirror option and counted as own mods from then onwards
  3. Own mods should be submoduled to the yourland branch
  4. Foreign, but sill maintained mods which we can change from the otuside need to be mirrored, the mirror forked and then on he fork there needs to be a yourland branch which needs to be submoduled and updated

ADD a new mod

Type 1 mods can be added like this:

git submodule add $link-to-repo

Type 2 mods should get a yourland branch and this branch then added

git branch yourland
git checkout yourland
git submodule add -b yourland $link-to-repo

Type 3 mods usually have a yourland branch already, so its only this command for them

git submodule add -b yourland $link-to-repo

Type 4 mods require the most work

  1. Mirror the foreign repo to the user mt-mirror.
  • Choose "New migration", then the appropriate importer.
  • Add the foreign repo to the Migrate/cone from URL input
  • Tick the Mirror and the private checkboxes
  • Use the foreign repo's name as Repository Name
  1. Fork the mirrorred mod to the yourland organization
  • make the repository public unless secrets are involved
  • Clone it, add a yourland branch, switch to it and let it track origin
git clone $fork
cd $fork
git branch yourland
git checkout yourland
git push --set-upstream origin yourland
  1. Go to the yourland repo, add the yourland branch of the fork as a submodule
git submodule add -b yourland $link-to-fork
git commit -am "added $fork"
git push

UPDATE a mod

Type 1 mods

UPDATE the server

This updates the liveserver to whats in the yourland repo

git submodule update --recursive --remote